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About Us

About Akshaya Enterprises.

Akshaya Enterprises established in 2005 specializes in Gold, Silver and Precious Metal plating services and with clientele base spread across India. Based out of Hosur, a rapidly growing industrial town in Tamilnadu,India, we have established ourselves as one of the premier electoplating service providers in South India. We have so far provided Gold, Silver and Precious Metal Plating Services to a diverse range of industries such as Medical, Automotive, Defence, Decorative, etc.. and to over 200 temples across South India.

About our Director .

A professional in metal finishing and surface finishing, our director has been in the industry for more than 40 years years. He is a Chemical Engineer and has in-depth experience in electroplating systems, PVD Ion Sputtering, Environmental Engineering He has held positions of senior technical expert and consultant in big corporate giants and setup several automatic and manual lines for various companies.

Riding on his experience and backed by a good support team, We offer economic and reliable metal plating and coatings, across several verticals, from temples to industrial and commercial products. We, as an company believe in providing quality in 24kt Gold plating services .


We Provide Gold, Silver and Precious Metal Plating Services


Gold and Silver Plating

Gold and Silver Electroplating.

We provide plating services for decorative products, jewellery, watch parts, electrical parts, relays and pins, radar parts for defence ,medical instruments and automobile components.


Nickel Plating

Nickel Electroplating

We provide Nickel Plating services to meet a diverse range of processes and applications. Nickel can be used as a final coating for corrosion protection or as an undercoat for other processes, especially Gold and Silver. We provide a range of brightness from matte (dull) to bright, depending on the process used.

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Facilities include.

Our Facilities are apporved by Polluton Control Board and equipped with the following:

    Equipment for Electroplating of Gold,Silver,Nickel;
    Equipment for Electroless plating of Gold, Silver;
    Equipment for Special Lacquering process;
    Precious metal recovery processes;
    Surface Stripping Facilities .


    We have an experienced team for quality and Well equipped Testing Facilities which include:
      Thickness Testing;
      Corrosion testing.